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Croaking Kero Newsletter Welcome to the very first Croaking kero Newsletter, and thanks for subscribing! Unfortunately the images used in this newsletter have been lost to time. Ah well! I was able to recreate one but the rest are gonzo.

Bob Ross - Sliding Paintings Museum

Today, October 29th, is Bob Ross's birthday. In his honour I have released this free puzzle game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Watch the trailer here: You can download the game here: And you can get the source code here:

Notemon News

Notemon development has been trucking along nicely each week on my 1 full work day. Sometimes I think about how much faster I could get this game done if I could work on it 5 days per week, but ah well. I don't expect to be handed money for nothing so there's a lot of gamedev practice in sight for me before it's my full-time job! Anyway, at this point Notemon has more than half the battle moves, all but one of the maps, the barn system, inventory, and some other stuff. The main things not yet done are good NPCs, tools and boss fights. I feel at this point that I'm over the hump and its all smooth sailing towards Notemon's completion. Thanks a lot for being interested in the game and I hope it lives up to my vision and your hopes.

Super Secret Insider Info

I've somewhat recently come to the conclusion that I would like to return to more hand-crafted game development. Whenever I use engines like Godot and PICO-8 I find myself bashing my head against impenetrable restrictions and being disappointed by various features. So in my spare time I've been learning more C++/OpenGL so I can make games from the ground up with absolute control. My first ever released game, It All Revolves Around You, was actually written in C++. Since I'm not officially announcing these, I'm not promising I'll complete them before deciding to work on something else, but here's what I've made in this way so far. A tile mapper: [Tile Mapper screenshot] And a boating prototype based on my fish game prototype: