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Bob Ross - Sliding Paintings Museum

Free & open source
October 29th 2018
Sliding puzzles
This is my tribute to the late, great painter Bob Ross. Enjoy 10 of Bob's paintings while you solve sliding puzzles.

Downloadable from its page on GameJolt.

The source code is available on GitLab.


Release: 2019
Turn-based monster-taming RPG
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Notemon is a monster-taming turn-based RPG in development for PICO-8. It will be the biggest PICO-8 game ever!

Watch my Patch Notes videos to see the progress I'm making on Notemon
Follow Notemon's development on GameJolt
Get gifs and other tweets about Notemon on Twitter

Notemon TD

Release: TBD
Open source (PICO-8)
Tower defense
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The yet to be released tower defense spin-off based on the yet to be released Notemon!
Featuring a campaign of increasingly overwhelming levels, defend your stash of tasty food from the Notemon coming to eat it! Easily make your own levels and graphics to create your own custom campaigns! Delve into the source code to customize anything you want, or learn how the game works.

See the progress I'm making on Notemon TD in my Patch Notes videos

Professor Blobbins and the Music of Love

Free and open source (PICO-8)
January 31st 2017

Professor Blobbins bounces into his first adventure with The Music of Love! Hop along each of the 7 levels, helping (or annoying) the NPCs who each have a short song to sing. Every level has an additional challenge for more determined players.

Play in-browser or download on GameJolt.

Steal Godot

Free & open source (Godot)
June 28th 2016
Sokoban puzzle game

The Bevy of AAA Developers have shut down every free game development engine. It's up to you to break into their facility, figure out the puzzles and steal the Godot game engine back!

Steal Godot is a short, simple puzzle game featuring blocks, switches, doors and ice. Everything in the game was made by me (Nicholas Walton) with a lot of feedback and ideas from my wife, Froggie717.

Play in-browser or download on GameJolt

The source code + assets are available on GitLab.

It All Revolves Around You

September 21st 2015
Gravity game

A giant black hole is hurtling towards Dust Town and you are the only thing in the entire universe that can save them! You'll have to grow from a speck of dust to an asteroid, a planet, a star, to something large enough to defeat the black hole.
Because in this game, like no other, It All Revolves Around You!

This is a simple game where you must absorb smaller objects in space to grow while avoiding the larger ones. The twist is that in this universe, in classic video game fashion, you are the centre of attention - and gravity.

Download on GameJolt